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Athlete Health Experience

Welcome to a new beginning, where you can access the same elite level support that athletes enjoy. The services we have today, combined with our WaveOn Health Coaches, are here to help you stay active and stay healthy.

Stay tuned for more exciting functionality that will form a complete ecosystem of support services known as the WaveOn Athlete Health Management System.

Get started with us as your partner on your lifelong athletic journey with the following resources.


What is Movement

Our bodies are a series of complex interconnected systems whose proper functioning are critical for performance and overall health. Baselining how we move can be a critical component to improving our bodies' efficiency, performance, and preventing injuries. 

Several components combine in achieving our best overall movement health including: 

  • Flexibility

  • Balance

  • Stability

  • Strength

  • Endurance


Musculoskeletal health refers to the performance of the locomotor system, comprising intact muscles, bones, joints and adjacent connective tissues.

Identifying any weaknesses in various areas of the body including the foot, ankle, knee, hip, trunk and shoulders are critical assessment areas for improving performance and movement outcomes. Movement dysfunctions in these areas represent muscle imbalances caused by decreased flexibility, muscle weakness, and unbalanced muscle activation patterns.


Our evidenced based assessments and recommended protocols, combined with personalized support from WaveOn Coaches can help anyone over time to stay healthy and competing.

How to Prepare for a WaveOn Coaching Session

To get the most out of your personalized session with your WaveOn Coach, we recommend the following simple guidelines*: 

  • Be Present

    • Try to eliminate distractions for your session​

    • Remember why you’re training

  • Engage Your Coach

    • Tell her about your previous experiences

    • Review how your achievement against previously recommended protocols

    • Share what you feel (e.g., pain limitations)

    • Let her know about your time constraints

    • Talk about your goals

    • Ask questions

  • Get the Most Out of Your Experience

    • You’ll be spending more time on the mobile app with frequent touch points with your Coach

    • Be present and aware while you do your program and take diligent notes and feedback in the chat feature to your Coach

    • Communicate vacations, plans, or other events that may impact your progress and recovery with your Coach

  • Prep Your Tech

    • Like Zoom and other videoconferencing solutions, we recommend Internet speeds of at least ~2-3Mbps for best experience

    • Make sure your room has adequate lighting

    • Ensure that your coach can see you

    • Make sure that you can see the screen

    • Bluetooth headphones can be a good way of allowing mobility and supporting crisp communication

    • If you have you use a wearable (e.g., Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc.,) know how to access relevant data to share with your coach (automated wearable data capture is on the WaveOn roadmap

*As with any physical protocols, consult a physician prior to engaging in any strenuous activities

How to Use WaveOn If I'm Healthy and Competing

We know that athletes have many different statuses across their athletic journey.  If you're healthy and competing, we want to keep you that way.   We use evidenced based assessments to help guide you and assist you in making an objective assessment of your overall readiness.


Know that if you do need more personalized support from a WaveOn Coach or when an injury occurs, a WaveOn coach is just a few clicks away.  In the meantime, we suggest you use WaveOn as follows:

  • Complete the Movement Health Questionnaire

    • Request access from

    • Setup your profile

    • Define your goals

    • Provide input on current body function

    • Share your injury history

    • Provide general and specific soreness areas

  • Complete your Daily Readiness Test

    • Readiness (Are you primed for daily activity?)

    • Sleep (How well did you sleep last night)

    • Stress (Any factors weighing on your stress/mental health?)

    • Soreness (Generally, how sore you are today)

  • Complete Your Digital Self Care Program

    • Don't forget to click Complete Workout at the end of your exercises

    • Augment your daily program with protocols from other sources​

    • Follow us on social media for program information and insights on how to stay healthy

How to Use WaveOn If I'm Injured and Competing

If you do encounter an injury, it's important to address it before it worsens and potentially threatens your ability to compete. In addition to the actives you should follow when healthy, we recommend that you employ the following to help prevent further injury:

  • Connect with a WaveOn Coach

    • Schedule your coaching session directly within the app

    • Engage and communicate with your coach in  between                                                                                  sessions with notifications and quick check-ins about you status


  • Digital Movement Assessment

    • Perform a standard series of movements,                                                                                                        and a 2D mobile video-capture immediately logs millions of data points

    • The result is a precise digital movement assessment  and efficiency score,                                                generated within minutes

    • Review the baseline with your WaveOn Coach and track scores to gauge                                          progress for prevention and recovery

  • Coming Soon

    • If your injury continues to plague your ability to compete, we are building a                                             network for specialist referrals who may be able to assist at your convenience

      • Orthopedists​

      • Other licensed experts

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