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The Athletic Trainer in your Pocket.

Athletic Training

Injury Prevention

Personalized Training Plans

Injury Recovery

WaveOn Health Coaching



How it works...

For Individuals there are three easy steps to start

  1. Complete your short health questionnaire and identify your performance goals.

  2. Download the WaveOn Health app to take some physical assessments.

  3. Start training. We use our digital toolbox to better understand your needs based on factors like intensity, activity, and goals. 

  4. Train with your WaveOn Health Coach to keep you a high performing, injury free, lifelong athlete.

For Teams, 

  1. Complete your team questionnaire.

  2. Receive a follow up e-mail from a WaveOn Health Coach to develop your gameplan.

  3. Download the WaveOn Health app to conduct a team assessment.

  4. Meet your coach and train your team.

Where athlete health meets technology. 

We advocate for athletes by using technology to understand your health data. From there, we use our digital toolbox to determine exactly what athletes need to stay healthy.

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