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Be a Lifelong Athlete: WaveOn CEO Adam Halpern's life changing story.

I’m an athlete.

How do I define “athlete”?

I train or exercise at least 4 days a week. I track my progress with a Garmin to reach a performance goal. I take a preventative and proactive approach to live an active lifestyle. I spend time and money to maintain my active lifestyle. This has been my way of life since I was a young man and this lifestyle is the fabric of my being.

I recently spent a day in the trauma ICU in May of 2022. Why?

I had a sports injury, a bike crash, and a serious one that led to a traumatic brain injury with a brain bleed.

I left for the 50mile bike ride at 6:30am, caught my front tire in the train track and my wife got the call that I was transported around 7:30am. After spending multiple hours waiting to speak with the doctors, she finally got the diagnosis and was told "it might take a year to recover with the possibility that I might not ever make a full recovery."

That’s terrifying with 2 kids 8 and under.

She asked the healthcare system for appropriate treatments and their response was “we don’t know of any so you can try to find something but we don’t know if it will work.”

Luckily, I have WaveOn and was able to tap into my network for immediate support. My WaveOn recovery program: injury through recovery back into training and prevention.

Treatment for other weekend warriors? Healthcare: injury through discharge, high costs, long wait times, then nothing.

I'm very fortunate that I was able to access the very service I'm building for others. My follow-up physician was surprised with my progress and thought I was further along than I should be. My WaveOn recovery program allowed me to engage with Stacey Ritter to focus on virtual concussion therapy. We used Sway Medical which produced data points to evaluate, monitor and improve.

I was able to work with my dentist wife, Alicia Abeyta, to use her high powered, healing laser.

After a couple treatments in the days following the accident, there was significant visible improvement in the first week.

"The overall improvement allowed me to exercise again"

The overall improvement allowed me to exercise again. Finally, I can do activities with my family, including a week filled with theme parks, roller coasters and walking over 115 miles.

Without WaveOn? Your guess is as good as anyone’s.

WaveOn is a professional service for serious athletes. WaveOn provides athletes with services to prevent injury, deal with the healthcare maze, then recover, and resume competing at their desired level. All services that I used with tremendous outcomes.

Sometimes the universe creates painful situations that can turn into positive beams of light. While my serious accident was traumatizing, I hope my story creates a new solution for athletes to properly manage their athletic problems.

If my athletic journey matches yours, look into WaveOn to "Be a Lifelong Athlete."

Reach out if you have any questions.


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