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Fortunate Outcomes

Updated: Jan 18

We all have so much to be thankful for as the year ends and we enter the holiday season.

6-months ago, I suffered the most traumatic injury of my active life. A road bike accident left me with a severe brain injury and an unclear future. The Emergency Room diagnosis looked bleak as they said it might take a full year to recover, with the possibility of never making a full recovery.

(Very scary for my family to see me like this.)

Luckily, as an #athletictrainer with an extensive network, I received the same treatment as professional athletes. I didn't have to navigate the healthcare maze, get rejected for care, or spend time finding the appropriate support. I'm very proud and thankful to share I've made a full recovery through direct, expert treatments and personalized services provided by #sportsmedicine medicine professionals through WaveOn.

Their treatment and management cleared me to resume exercise and my active, healthy lifestyle. My progress amazed the follow-up physician and neurologist. They don't know how I'm doing so well after such a horrific accident.

(First family ski trip of 2022/2023!)

The answer is simple- I'm receiving the same support as professional athletes rather than the general public. WaveOn provides this type of support to EVERYONE and ANYONE. I got back on skis and never missed a beat.

From inconvenient minor injuries to life-threatening severe accidents, WaveOn focuses on supporting your lifelong athletic journey.

Start managing your athletic journey today through prevention and recovery. Our on-boarding process provides information and resources to maintain your daily activity levels.

Enjoy your holiday with loved ones and spend time doing what you love doing!

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