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Head of Product

Join our startup as the Head of Product to lead our tech-enabled athlete health service, shape the product roadmap, prioritize features, and oversee launches while focusing on delivering an exceptional user experience, aggregating cloud solutions, and engaging with customers to gain a deep understanding of their needs.

Job Description:

Are you a motivated, detail-oriented, and creative product enthusiast? Join our startup team as the Head of Product and grow with us. Leading our product development alongside the CEO, you will shape our tech-enabled athlete health service.


Culture and Vision:

Take charge of the product roadmap and specifications by utilizing your development and product management skills. Provide a top-tier service while aggregating cloud solutions and building an exceptional user experience. Work and collaborate with a team of passionate athletic health enthusiasts to elevate our tech ecosystem to set the stage for a comprehensive solution that drives sales and future investment needs.


Where will my time be allocated?

  • Engaging with customers,

  • Core product management (roadmap, requirements, pricing, etc.),

  • Developing the partner ecosystem,

  • Cross functional strategic initiatives.



  • Champion CEO's vision, leading cross-functional product strategy.

  • Guide full product lifecycle, aligning with market needs.

  • Own roadmap, prioritize features, and oversee launches.

  • Design and develop app for seamless athlete experience, user-first.

  • Aggregate various cloud solutions to create a unified user experience within the app.

  • Forge strong partner ties, ensure ecosystem success.

  • Analyze feedback, trends, and iterate for satisfaction.

  • Amplify customer success, acting as their voice.

  • Adapt in startup, wearing varied hats as needed.



  • Entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Passion for fitness, athletics, health, and wellness.

  • Highly organized, can communicate well in both words and text to anyone on our org chart.

  • Love of software and product design, experience in UI/UX a big plus.

  • Experience as a member of a team delivering a new service to the general public.

  • Work experience in product management a plus.

  • Can-do attitude—get things done approach, a bias towards action.

  • Enjoy working in a fast-paced startup environment where projects and responsibilities change often.

  • College degree preferred but not required. Preferred degree focus: computer science, industrial design, game development, marketing, sports management, or business.

  • Estimated time commitment of 10 to 15 hours per week with flexible hours.



Select Success Metrics for Role:

  • Total Paying Users on Platform:  Measures the growth and adoption of the product, indicating the number of customers who find value in the offering and are willing to pay for it. Increasing paying users demonstrates the product's effectiveness and appeal in the market.


  • Weekly Active Users (WAU):  Reflects the engagement level of users with the product on a regular basis. A higher WAU indicates that the product is providing ongoing value and retaining users' interest over time.


  • Service Gross Margin:  Assesses the profitability of the product by comparing the revenue generated from the product against the costs associated with delivering the service. A healthy service gross margin contributes to the overall financial success of the product.



  • Equity: Earn equity based on experience and commitment, with a four-year vesting period as outlined in our equity plan.


  • Contingent on sufficient funding or sales expansion.

    • Base Salary: Your compensation will be assessed annually and may be adjusted based on your experience, skillset, and contributions to both individual and company success.

    • Bonus: Enjoy a percentage or fixed bonus tied to both individual and company accomplishments.

    • Benefits: Comprehensive package includes health, dental & vision coverage, retirement plan (401k or equivalent), and ample paid time off (vacation, holidays, sick leave).

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