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Frequently Asked Questions

Many frequently asked questions are answered below. If you have any other questions or need some guidance, please Contact Us.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is WaveOn Health?


We are a sports/health tech agency that leverages technology and human experts to manage the health of athletes. Our platform allows athletes to seamlessly move through the evaluation, prevention, treatment, and plan process for their athletic health needs.

Why is WaveOn Health different?


We're taking the athlete health management system that exists in college/professional sports and delivering it to the amateur/recreational athlete.

Why is WaveOn Health beneficial?


Sports injuries are a 3.5M dollar industry which is poorly addressed by an outdated healthcare system with expensive co pays, long wait times, and without much progress unless you need surgery.

Is WaveOn Health Telemedicine?


Telemedicine is more commonly referred to as a single interaction, web replacement for a traditional encounter with a provider. WaveOn is a direct to consumer subscription product that leverages technology to deliver personalized solutions and allows for constant communication with an Athlete Health Agent.

Is WaveOn Health insurance?


It's not a traditional insurance plan because WaveOn provides services focused on prevention and early intervention protocols to improve overall athlete health. When the injury is severe enough, your insurance will be used as our Athlete Health Agents refer to the appropriate specialist.


Do I need health insurance?


WaveOn is not a replacement for the healthcare system.


What is a SMART Profile?


Incorporating both preventive and injury information to make informed, instant and data-driven decisions that improve athlete health outcomes.

What is an Athlete Health Agent?


Athletic trainers are sports medicine professionals who can update this process by bringing their unique skill set, typically found in Division I or professional settings, to amateur athletes via technology.

How will WaveOn Health address my current problems?


Unlike Googling your symptoms and what to do next, your WaveOn Health Coach can offer a virtual assessment, treatment protocols, necessary referrals, a plan to return to your sport, and weekly continued support.

How will WaveOn Health help me save time and money?


WaveOn is the interstate e-pass for athletes and the healthcare system is the slow and expensive cash lane. WaveOn provides a solution to better navigate athletes past healthcare inefficiencies.

How does WaveOn Health handle HIPAA?

  1. The platform itself has a high level of security software and measure to control who is able to log-in.  User-name+password+a series of security questions.

  2. Our platform is a central, cloud based software that users need to access, as above.  None of the HIPAA info is sent outside the secure database.  Users must enter the environment to view it.

  3. Information in the platform is only viewable to those providers that have been granted access.  All views are also tracked and reported for audit purposes.

  4. Each provider has a unique digital signature that requires all new information saved and any edits of existing information to be “digitally signed” for audit purposes.

  5. Finally, every file or document saved or recorded in the system is protected based on provider granted access.  Thus a provider isn’t given full chart view at a patient level, it is at the lowest level of file. (i.e. I could give another provider viewing rights to a single x-ray of a patient, but no other information about that patient.

What exactly is WaveOn Health?


WaveOn Health is the only app based service providing athlete health management in the palm of your hand.


How much does WaveOn Health Cost?


WaveOn Health offers a low monthly membership with a ton of value for the healthy and competing athlete. Additional services are offered to support the injured and recovering athlete to keep you training and remain a lifelong athlete.


How do I know if WaveOn Health is right for me?


If you are already participating, or plan to participate in any form of athletics, exercise, or physical competition, WaveOn Health can help keep you off the sidelines and out of the doctor's office by providing the resources, care, and training guidance needed to keep you injury free!


How does it work?


First we'll start by having you complete a short health questionnaire and performance goals. This will help us better assess your current physical health status and risk of injury. Next, you'll download the WaveOn Health App to take some physical assessments. As you log your training, we will begin to better understand your needs based on factors like intensity, activity, and goals. If at anytime you need advice, you can always communicate 1-on-1 with your WaveOn Health Coach directly within the WaveOn Health App!


Is health insurance required to use WaveOn?


While it is recommended that users carry a health insurance policy, it is not a requirement for a WaveOn Health membership. If necessary, we are able to refer you to the right medical specialist in your area for further treatment for serious injury.

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