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Be a Lifelong Athlete

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We believe lifelong athletes should have the same resources as professional athletes to stay healthy and active.​

Outside of institutional sports,
athletes lack access to necessary resources to prevent injuries and manage pain.


Pain and injuries happen

Injuries can hinder an athlete's ability to participate in sports they love.


Athlete left alone to get resolution 

Effective navigation of pain and injuries in sports is not common.


Fragmented treatment process

Leads to further complications and even more serious injuries, ultimately hindering an athlete's ability to participate in the sports they love

Return to Activity?
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Athlete Health Management

WaveOn Health is the solution for support that athletes need.


We provide a subscription-based service that delivers personalized athlete health management protocols. WaveOn Health Coaches engage with athletes through our app and provide end-to-end support, including assessment & programming, coaching & referrals, digital analytics, and content.

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Stay on top of your game and out of the doctor's office with WaveOn Health.

Keep Moving

20-40% of athletes experience MSK pain

"With WaveOn Health, I was able to know what to do immediately for my calf strain. With the proper assessment and plan, I was back to running sooner than I could imagine."

Curt, WaveOn Health Athlete

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