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WaveOn Health

Access a licensed athletic trainer directly from your smartphone for complete athlete-health care

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Access a virtual athletic trainer

We understand how frustrating it is that not every athlete has adequate access to an athletic trainer. You may not be a professional athlete, but you still suffer athletic-related injuries while playing sports or being active.

Underserved high school athletes. Club or travel ball athletes. Weekend warriors. Professionals or semi-pros on a low-budget team.

By leveraging technology and tapping into an established network of athletic trainers who are experts on managing sport related injuries, we are bringing the athletic trainer service model to every athlete.

Have the peace of mind knowing that you won't miss that run, that ride, or that next round. 

Watch a short demonstration of how WaveOn Health can help you manage athletic injuries.

See how the WaveOn Health platform leverages technology so athletes in any location or competition level can access an athletic trainer from their smartphone. 

How It Works

Click any GET STARTED NOW button, like the one below, to register yourself,  your team, or your student-athletes.

Access a live athletic trainer from your smartphone for expert injury prevention measures, sports injury assessments, and guidance with safe return-to-play.

Never miss out on another run, ride, or round again.


 Access sports medicine experts who can assist in injury prevention and management, no matter you physical location.


Schedule virtual consultations, eliminating the need for in-person visits and providing convenience at your fingertips.


Subscription costs less and provides better care than navigating the traditional healthcare system. 


Easy to use platform for athletes to communicate with an athletic trainer and track injury recovery progress.

A Virtual Athletic Trainer

Whether you are at home, on the field, or traveling, having an expert on sports injuries accessible via your phone ensures continuous injury support regardless of your location.

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Universities, Colleges, and High Schools

Are you a university, college, or high school facing athletic trainer shortages due to lack of staff or filling job openings?

Girl's Softball Team Members

Teams and Organizations

Are you a team or sports organization without an athletic trainer to support the health of the athletes?

Running Group

Individual Athlete

Are you an athlete looking for expert support to prevent and treat athletic-related injuries?

Women's Race

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