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WaveOn Health

A virtual athletic trainer for comprehensive management of athlete health.

The Current Athlete Health Landscape

Are you frustrated with the current landscape of access to sports medicine care of athletic related injuries that exists in schools, club sports, and as an individual athlete?



Are you looking to provide athletic training services to your athletes but don't have the budget for an additional staff member?



Are you looking to automate the treatment of nonacute injuries to free up time to triage acute or emergent injuries?

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Increased Capacity

Are you trying to increase your athletic training capacity to ensure timely access to care for all your athletes?

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Are you looking to provide your team with access to an athletic trainer that you would not otherwise have access to?


Are you overworked and understaffed with paperwork, rehab programs, sport coverage and travel?



Do you need assistance with referrals of injuries to specialists that take time coordinating appointments with athlete schedules?


Provide athletes with access to sports medicine experts who can assist in injury prevention and management, no matter your physical location.


Schedule virtual consultations, eliminating the need for in-person visits and providing convenience at your fingertips.


Costs less than additional staffing salary and benefits.


Easy to use platform for athlete to communicate with athletic trainer and track injury recovery progress.

We understand how frustrating it is that not every athlete has appropriate access to an expert in managing athlete health. 

How WaveOn Health Works

Contact us to register your team or athletes.

Access an athletic trainer directly from your phone using the WaveOn platform.

Never be left without care for athletic injuries again.

The Future of Athletic Training.

At WaveOn Health we know that you are struggling to provide your athletes with a cost-effective solution for managing injuries that can occur while playing sports.

To do that, you need a cutting-edge, cost-effective solution for accessing sports medicine experts to assist in the management of athletic injuries.


The problem is that the previous method of providing athletic training services which require long hours, low pay, and a lack of respect, has left a void in available athletic trainers willing to work in those conditions, with little innovation or creativity to address the issues which has left you feeling continually frustrated and defeated.

We believe that all athletes can suffer athletic injuries that can be detrimental to themselves, their goals, and their teams. We understand that regardless of their physical location or level of competition, all athletes deserve to have access to an athletic trainer to manage their sports-related injuries.

Here is how we do it:


 Increase athletic trainer capacity during your busy seasons or when sports seasons overlap to ensure that all athletes have access to timely care.


Automate the treatment of non-acute injuries so that in-person staff can focus their time on triage of emergent injuries and focus on treatment of acute injuries.


Manage workload for in-person athletic trainers to improve retention of employees and as an alternate for when staff will be out on extended leave.

Schedule a call today to learn more or register your team. 

You can stop providing subpar athletic health care at increasing cost and burning out your sports medicine staff, and instead provide step-by-step guidance to injury management and return to sport with additional set of expert hands in a revolutionary way.

A virtual athletic trainer.

Whether you are at home, on the field, or traveling, having an expert on sports injuries accessible via your phone ensures continuous support regardless of your location.

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Universities, Colleges, and High Schools

Are you a university, college, or high school facing athletic trainer shortages due to lack of staff or filling job openings?

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Teams and Organizations

Are you a team or sports organization without an athletic trainer to support the health of the athletes?

Running Group

Individual Athlete

Are you an athlete looking for expert support to prevent and treat athletic-related injuries?

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