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Champion athlete health and wellness.

Gain access to trusted experts in injury prevention and management, proactive care, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries.

The impact that injuries have on sports has generated considerable advancements in the field of sports medicine.

As a result, schools and organizations are committed to bolstering their medical teams and adopting cutting-edge technologies, prioritizing player rehabilitation and safety.

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in search of extra support for your sports department's athletic training needs, whether due to lack of staffing or long-term leave?

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have a team or organization with no access to an athletic trainer to prevent injuries, manage critical moments, or provide care?

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an individual who wants to continue to be active and push yourself to be the best you can be and looking for help to get there?

This is done through proactive check-ins, data-driven triage processes, and streamlined communication. 

The system allows for early detection of injuries, preventing them from getting worse, and enables timely intervention. These processes ensure more accurate triage by categorizing severity and urgency of the injury. 

WaveOn Health streamlines communication by creating a centralized platform to review data, chat with athletes, and deliver programming.

WaveOn Health can significantly enhance efficiency and improve athletic injury management and rehab efforts.

Supporting a diverse athlete population.


Universities, Colleges and High Schools

Universities, colleges and high schools of all sizes and competition levels can sign up for additional sports medicine care for their athletes.


Teams and Organizations

Team and organization members gain access to trusted experts in injury prevention, proactive care, injury management, and rehab.


Individual Athletes

Athletes can sign up as individuals and receive the same access to care without a team or organization. 

24/7 Support

Personalized Assessments

Injury Management

Advanced Tech

Put an athletic trainer in the palm of your hand.

Sign-up now to start enjoying the benefits.

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