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Sports Account Executive

Boost your career as a Sports Account Executive at our startup. Your role is crucial in expanding our athlete health service within the sports industry. You'll drive sales, find new clients, manage relationships, and close deals. Work with our team to tailor our solutions to clients' needs for successful sales.

Job Description:

Are you a motivated, detail-oriented, and creative sales enthusiast? Join our startup team as a Sports Account Executive and grow with us.  Working with the WaveOn team, you will drive adoption of our tech-enabled athlete health service.


Culture and Vision:

Move our customer acquisition efforts forward. Utilize your skills to prospect new customers, drive revenue growth, and develop strategic initiatives to expand our market presence. Collaborate with our team of dedicated athletic health enthusiasts to ensure our solutions meet the needs of our clients and drive sales success.


Where will my time be allocated?

  • Engaging with customers and building strong relationships,

  • Identifying and prospecting new sales channels and opportunities,

  • Assisting with the onboarding of customers,

  • Collaborating on cross-functional strategic initiatives to drive growth and success.



  • Identify and prioritize potential sales targets within the sports industry, focusing on a tailored approach for customer acquisition.

  • Prospect and initiate the sales process with potential clients.

  • Guide teams and organizations through the sales cycle, closing contracts successfully.

  • Collaborate with the team to align sales efforts with user-centric solutions.

  • Assist with the onboarding process for new clients, ensuring a seamless transition and successful solution adoption.

  • Utilize diverse sales channels, CRM tools, and other resources to engage prospects effectively.

  • Demonstrate adaptability within a startup environment, taking on diverse roles and responsibilities as required to drive sales success.



  • Entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Passion for fitness, athletics, health, and wellness.

  • Highly organized, can communicate well in both words and text to anyone on our org chart.

  • Extrovert personality and enjoy meeting new people.

  • Experience as a member of a team selling to the general public.

  • Can-do attitude-get things done approach, a bias towards action.

  • Enjoy working in a fast-paced startup environment where projects and responsibilities change often.

  • College degree is preferred, it is not mandatory. We value diverse educational backgrounds, including but not limited to degrees in Athletic Training, Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Sports Medicine, or even business-related fields.

  • Estimated time commitment of 5 to 10 hours per week with flexible hours.



Select Success Metrics for Role:

  • New Customer Acquisition Rate:  Measures the ability to attract and onboard new paying customers.

  • Sales Conversion Rate:  Reflects the percentage of leads or prospects that convert into paying customers, indicating the efficiency of the sales process and its impact on revenue.

  • Revenue Growth:  Tracks the increase in sales revenue over time, demonstrating the overall success of sales efforts in driving business growth.



  • Equity: Earn equity based on experience and commitment, with a four-year vesting period as outlined in our equity plan.


  • Contingent on sufficient funding or sales expansion.

    • Base Salary: Your compensation will be assessed annually and may be adjusted based on your experience, skillset, and contributions to both individual and company success.

    • Bonus: Enjoy a percentage or fixed bonus tied to both individual and company accomplishments.

    • Benefits: Comprehensive package includes health, dental & vision coverage, retirement plan (401k or equivalent), and ample paid time off (vacation, holidays, sick leave).

Please contact us for more details at

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