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WaveOn Health Partner Products and Services

Below you will find information and links to products and services from companies partnered with WaveOn Health to ensure the injury recovery process is as quick as possible.


WaveOn Health members receive exclusive discounts with these companies.



Infraway products combine infrared heat technology with topical heat to facilitate the body’s natural movement and healing processes.

FIR reaches deep to the muscle tissue to get to the root of your aches, soreness, and tightness.

Shop Infraway Here

Aryse Braces

Aryse offers a huge variety of braces for just about every joint on your body. They offer revolutionary FAST technology, which stands for functional anatomical stabilizing technology.


From rigid stabilizers to compression sleeves, find the product for protection, reconditioning, and injury recovery to help you stay in the game even longer.

Shop for the right brace here.

Use code INNOVATEAT10 for 10% off

Panthertec logo.png


For coaches, rehab specialists and other movement educators who teach athletes and patients, our smart body-worn devices 'learn' a movement and 'teach' it back to the wearer with vibrations felt through the sensors – during the movement.  


The app allows the coach or athlete to customize margins of error and instruction technique for each use-case.  Unlike other training aids that offer one-size-fits -all technique or visual feedback after the action, the KAT system delivers custom feedback based on the wearers actions during practice to accelerate muscle memory.

Better outcomes, less reps.    #NoWastedReps 

Shop PantherTec Here

Athlete Blood Test

Optimize your health and performance based on your unique physiology with the insights offered by Athlete Blood Tests. They offer a variety of panels that can help you diagnose issues, increase performance, and make changes to your training plans and diets to accommodate for your body's needs. 


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