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Athletic Woman

Sports-injuries happen to more than just the pros.

Gymnast on a Wooden Bar

Don't let a nagging injury keep you off the course or the court.

Regardless of your physical location or level of competition, all athletes deserve to have access to an athletic trainer to manage their sports-related injuries.

By leveraging advanced technology and tapping into an established network of athletic trainers, we are bringing the athletic trainer service model to every athlete.

Access a Virtual Athletic Trainer

WaveOn provides access to a technology-savvy licensed athletic trainer through our strategic partnership with Somatic Health.

Before the Run

On-demand Support

Immediate access to professional, athletic-related injury advice and support whenever needed.

Athletic Woman With Kettlebells

Customized Recovery Plan

Personalized programs tailored to each athlete’s specific needs, promoting faster and safer return-to-play.

Video Chat

Quick Response Times

Assured communications with a WaveOn Agent, with chat responses within 12 hours and video session scheduling within 18 hours.


How WaveOn Can Help Individual Athletes

Functionality You Will Love


Access to an athletic trainer

Individual athletes and weekend warriors rarely have access to experts in preventing and treating athletic injuries. WaveOn is introducing the athletic trainer service model to individual athletes simply from your smartphone.


Provide High Quality, Expert Care

WaveOn is leveraging technology and an established network of licensed athletic trainers, experts in sports injuries, to provide sports medicine care to athletes, no matter your physical location.



You can schedule virtual consultations with your virtual athletic trainer, eliminating the need for in-person visits and providing convenience at your fingertips.


Injury recovery and return-to-sport

By utilizing the easy-to-use platform and interacting with your sports medicine expert, you are able to fully recover from your injury, return to your sport more quickly, and improve your performance. 


Jamie Moyer, WaveOn Health user and former MLB pitcher

Hear It From a Pro

"You know when you are injured, or when you’re rehabbing, we’ve all been there. What do we want? We want to be better yesterday, not tomorrow. And that’s the feeling he (Jason) gave me.

I also felt like I had somebody who cared, that was beside me. I felt like I could ask a question anytime I wanted."

Golf Course

At home, on the course, or while traveling, access an expert on sports injuries from your smartphone for continuous injury support, regardless of your physical location.

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