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7 Steps to Create Change in the Athletic Training Profession

Athletic trainers frequently voice their discontent with the professional landscape, often expressing frustration and dissatisfaction with various aspects of their work. Complaints range from inadequate compensation and long working hours to lack of professional respect and limited career advancement opportunities. 

However, these grievances are often articulated without clear, tangible solutions. Instead of offering constructive proposals to the right audience or taking real, actionable steps to create change, athletic trainers find themselves stuck in a cycle of complaint without contributing to meaningful improvements in the field. 

The lack of creative and innovative problem-solving hinders the progress of the athletic training profession.

What are YOU doing to come up with a viable solution to address the discontent within the athletic training profession? 

What have YOU done to fill a void in the profession?

Sitting on the literal and perverbiable sideline and complaining isn’t helping the situation or moving the profession forward.

What ACTION can you take today to create REAL change in athletic training? 

Athletic trainers are amazing critical thinkers, let's put those skills to use to create and execute the next big solution!

Interested in being a part of the solution? Join WaveOn Health and the future of athletic training. Contact WaveOn here to learn how you can be a part of the answer.


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