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A Telehealth Solution to Providing Outreach Athletic Training Services

WaveOn Health Can Enhance Hospitals' and Orthopedic Clinics' Sports Medicine Outreach Program with Schools

Hospitals and orthopedic clinics throughout the country already utilize the telehealth approach for patient care. This type of appointment allows providers to see more patients efficiently and can improve patient compliance.

Telehealth appointments also benefit patients by removing barriers to missed appointments like lack of transportation, cost of gas or parking, traversing through a medical complex or building, and time associated with travel and spent in waiting rooms.

WaveOn Health has created a virtual athletic training system that hospitals and orthopedic clinics can implement as part of their sports medicine outreach plan. This system will provide several benefits to both the outreach schools and the hospitals and clinics, and address some of the drawbacks of the current delivery model.


Utilizing a telehealth approach to provide outreach athletic training services will maximize the use of athletic trainers' time by handling routine inquires virtually.

A single athletic trainer will also be available to multiple schools and sport facilities at the same time that would otherwise not receive athletic injury support. A school that has multiple events on multiple fields, whether on or off campus, will have the same athletic training support as the other teams.

A virtual athletic trainer can also support any on-location, in-person athletic training staff by assisting in injury management of teams that practice late into the evening, or when practices and competitions overlap, or when one team has to be off campus for competition.


WaveOn Health's system will provide equal access to athletic health management support for all student-athletes, regardless of location.

Often, smaller, rural schools are left without access to athletic training services due to their location and cost of investment of an athletic trainer versus the return of revenue to a hospital or orthopedic clinic.

On the other hand, larger schools with more athletes and club sports, in addition to varsity sports, do not have additional personal available to handle covering all the facilities and athletes. WaveOn Health can assist the on-location staff athletic trainer with sports injury management, avoiding neglecting those athletes that play lower injury risk sports or club sports that often don't receive attention.


With WaveOn Health's system, hospitals and orthopedic clinics are able to leverage the expertise of licensed healthcare professionals and advanced digital tools to offer top-tier athlete health management.

The virtual athletic training system will be able to assist injured athletes by expediting appropriate specialist referrals, imaging appointments, and surgical referrals for timely care. The placement of the athletic trainers can assist in referrals back into the healthcare system for care, supporting the return on investment.


WaveOn Health's athlete health management system will streamline the process of managing student-athlete health, allowing organizations to focus on their mission.

Sports medicine physicians, orthopedic surgeons, and team physicians will be able to access the athletic health record of an athlete for improved patient care, track treatment and progress, and to give informed recommendations on care or progression back to sport.

WaveOn Health is dedicated to enhancing the athletic training experience for all athletes and improving the comprehensive care of injuries and illnesses.

Allow WaveOn Health to assist you in enhancing your sports medicine outreach program for all athletes, regardless of location, and improve comprehensive care of athletic health.

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