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July 25, 2023

WaveOn Health and Infraway Collaborate to Enhance Athlete Recovery Solutions 

Unleashing the Power of Recovery:  WaveOn Health and Infraway join forces to elevate athlete well-being.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Albuquerque, New Mexico:  WaveOn Health, a leading athlete health management platform, and Infraway, an innovative provider of recovery tools, are excited to announce their strategic collaboration to advance athlete recovery solutions. This partnership combines the comprehensive capabilities of WaveOn Health with the cutting-edge recovery tools from Infraway, resulting in a powerful marketplace that offers athletes a wide range of enhanced recovery options. 


WaveOn Health is revolutionizing athlete health management with its seamless, comprehensive, and personalized platform. Athletes now have access to a holistic solution that empowers them to prevent injuries, undergo effective treatments, and achieve peak performance. With WaveOn Health, athletes can optimize their performance and well-being like never before. 


CEO of WaveOn Health, Adam Halpern, expressed their enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "At WaveOn Health, we are committed to revolutionizing the athlete care paradigm and providing athletes with the best-in-class recovery solutions. Our partnership with Infraway allows us to expand our offerings by integrating their innovative recovery tools into our marketplace. Together, we can deliver a seamless and comprehensive recovery experience to athletes of all levels." 


Infraway, San Francisco based and founded by Max Betkowski, a former two-sport Division I athlete at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, specializes in the development of advanced recovery tools. Infraway's cutting-edge products address the limitations of traditional recovery methods, offering athletes efficient and effective solutions to enhance their recovery process. 


Max Betkowski, CEO of Infraway, stated, "We are thrilled to partner with WaveOn Health to bring our innovative recovery tools to athletes through their marketplace. WaveOn Health's industry-leading platform and commitment to athlete well-being align perfectly with our mission to revolutionize the recovery process. Together, we can provide athletes with a comprehensive suite of recovery options to help them optimize their performance and overall health." 


By integrating Infraway's recovery tools into the WaveOn Health marketplace, athletes will have access to a wide array of innovative recovery options tailored to their specific needs. This collaboration brings together the expertise and resources of both companies to create a holistic and personalized approach to athlete recovery. 

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About WaveOn Health, Inc. 

WaveOn Health believes that lifelong athletes should be able to access the resources available to professional athletes to stay healthy and active. Using digital and tele-coaching technology, the company delivers elite athlete health management benefits to recreational athletes independent of location or sport activity. For more information on WaveOn Health, visit their website at



Infraway believes that you should not have to choose between pain relief and going about your daily life, so they create products that seamlessly integrate into your routine.  Their, highly-effective infrared wearables provide users with maximum relief at an affordable price.  For more information on Infraway, visit their website at

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