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Revolutionizing Athletic Training: WaveOn Health's Innovative Approach to Championing Athlete Health

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

In the fast-paced world of sports, the health and wellness of athletes are of paramount importance. WaveOn Health (WOH) is at the forefront of championing athlete well-being, recognizing that every athlete, regardless of their physical location or competitive level, deserves access to top-notch Athletic Trainers (ATs).

However, the profession of Athletic Training has been facing challenges, with professionals leaving due to unsustainable work environments. WOH is determined to change the game by adopting the future of athletic training that values the well-being of both athletes and ATs.

The Problem that Athletic Training is Facing

Athletic Trainers, despite being essential to the success of athletics, have been grappling with burnout and a sense of discontent within their profession for many years. The reasons behind this exodus include unsustainable work conditions, a lack of understanding and appreciation for their value, and the desire for a balanced life outside of their careers. This leaves fewer athletic trainers available or willing to work in the more "traditional" settings like universities, colleges, and high schools, leaving many of these setting either understaffed or unable to hire a full time athletic trainer.

WaveOn Health's Vision

Unlike traditional strategies that have failed to address the challenges within the Athletic Training profession, WOH is thinking outside the box. The organization is integrating cutting-edge technology to redefine how AT services are delivered, making them accessible to athletes through the device they carry in their hands – their phones.

Empowering Athletic Trainers

WOH is committed to not only retaining ATs in the profession but also empowering them to lead fulfilling lives. Here's how WOH is making a difference:

  1. Flexible Hours: WOH understands the importance of work-life balance. By leveraging technology, ATs can enjoy flexible hours that allow them to cater to athletes' needs while still having time for their personal lives.

  2. Independence from Seasonal Sports' Schedules: In the traditional model, ATs often find themselves at the mercy of seasonal sports' schedules. WOH liberates ATs from these constraints, giving them the freedom to provide quality care without compromising their own well-being.

  3. Fit It In Anytime, Anywhere: With WOH's innovative approach, ATs can seamlessly integrate their services into the nooks and crannies of life. Whether it's a quick consultation during a lunch break or a virtual follow-up after hours, WOH enables ATs to be there for athletes when and where it matters.

WOH is ushering in a new era for Athletic Training, where the well-being of both athletes and practitioners is prioritized. By embracing technology and reimagining how AT services are delivered, WOH is not only retaining professionals in the field but also ensuring that athletes receive the highest quality care, regardless of their location or competitive level. As WOH continues to break barriers and challenge the status quo, the future of Athletic Training looks brighter than ever.

WOH's commitment to enabling ATs to practice at the top of their license ensures optimal athlete care but also fosters professional satisfaction and growth within the dynamic field of athletic training. WOH is reshaping the narrative, allowing ATs to thrive in their roles and make a profound impact on the wellbeing of athletes.

Ready to explore the groundbreaking initiatives of WaveOn Health (WOH) and discover the incredible opportunities it offers for both athletes and athletic trainers? Know any universities, colleges, or high schools currently facing staffing shortages or lacking a dedicated athletic trainer?

Take the first step towards revolutionizing athlete health and wellness – LEARN MORE ABOUT WOH AND THE OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE.


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