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August 7, 2023

WaveOn Health Joins Forces with Sports Innovation X (SIX) to Transform Athlete Health Management

WaveOn Health Announces Strategic Partnership with Sports Innovation X (SIX) for Comprehensive Business Development Support.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Albuquerque, New Mexico:  WaveOn Health, a leading athlete health management company, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Sports Innovation X (SIX), a renowned sports strategic planning, marketing, and consulting firm. This collaboration marks an exciting milestone for both organizations as they join forces to drive innovation and revolutionize athlete health.


SIX serves as a crucial bridge between innovative technology companies, professional and collegiate athletes, and sports teams. With a focus on fostering trusted relationships, SIX acts as a trusted advisor and tech scout for all things sports-related. Their deep industry expertise and extensive network provide invaluable insights into the evolving needs and requirements of athletes, teams, and organizations.


Through this partnership, WaveOn Health gains access to SIX's vast network of university and professional sports organizations, allowing them to expand their reach and impact within the sports ecosystem. Leveraging SIX's expertise in strategic planning and marketing, WaveOn Health aims to further enhance their athlete health management solutions and provide tailored services to athletes and sports teams.


"We are thrilled to join forces with Sports Innovation X (SIX) to propel athlete health management to new heights," said Adam Halpern, Founder & CEO of WaveOn Health. "Their unparalleled industry knowledge and extensive network will enable us to strengthen our offerings and make a lasting impact on the overall health and performance of athletes worldwide."


SIX envisions a world where athletes and teams achieve their peak performance through the empowerment of next-generation technology. By collaborating with WaveOn Health, they aim to advance this vision by leveraging the innovative ecosystem and presenting the best-fit solutions to meet the unique demands of athletes and teams.


"We are excited to partner with WaveOn Health and combine our expertise to drive positive change in the sports industry," said DJ Dozier, Principal at Sports Innovation X (SIX). "Together, we will boost the overall health and performance of athletes while fostering growth and revenue opportunities for small businesses and sports teams."


This partnership signifies a shared commitment to revolutionizing athlete health management and transforming the sports landscape. WaveOn Health and SIX are poised to make significant advancements in the industry, fueled by their shared vision and complementary strengths. 

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About WaveOn Health, Inc. 

WaveOn Health believes that lifelong athletes should be able to access the resources available to professional athletes to stay healthy and active. Using digital and tele-coaching technology, the company delivers elite athlete health management benefits to recreational athletes independent of location or sport activity. For more information on WaveOn Health, visit their website at


About Sports Innovation X (SIX)

Sports Innovation X (SIX) is a first of its kind sports strategic planning, marketing and consulting firm. SIX serves as a bridge between innovative technology companies and professional and collegiate athletes and sports teams. SIX provides firsthand trusted relationships with university and professional sports organizations and athletes.  For more information on Sports Innovation X (SIX), visit their website at

WaveOn Health PR Contact: 

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