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WaveOn Hits Home Run

WaveOn has established an exciting partnership with a baseball and softball academy, Sandlot Sports Academy, located in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Sandlot Sports Academy is the future of club sports, where athletes receive support, coaching, training, and education they need to play at the next level. Athlete health and recovery was the missing piece, and WaveOn was a perfect fit to help lead the direction of the academy. Chris Silvaggi, owner of Sandlot Sports Academy, understands that athletic-related injuries, problems, and limitations can alter any athlete's future in their sport. As an owner, he is ready and willing to change that for athletes in his organization.

“The opportunity to enhance the athletic performance and long-term outcomes of our players is exciting,” says Silvaggi.

Sandlot Sports Academy is a large club and expects exponential growth in the coming years. As sports reach new heights, Silvaggi understands athletes are reaching higher, too; he says, “Players need access to custom injury-prevention plans to stay on the field along with proper recovery regimens and return-to-play plans.” Silvaggi understands technology is the best way to serve every athlete in this academy.

WaveOn is ready to enhance the athletic ability of these athletes from day one with their scalable and outcomes-driven solution that took off during the pandemic last year. Now, more than ever before, competitive youth athletes are expecting more from their athletic careers and turning to tech solutions to get them there. Players can expect a robust platform that combines technology and sports health experts that will keep them in the game. Until now, this support was only found in professional and Division I sports medicine programs.

Founder and CEO of InnovateAT and Founder of WaveOn, Adam Halpern, feels this is just the beginning. “It is so exciting that Chris and Sandlot Sports Academy share our excitement.”

WaveOn and Sandlot Sports Academy will officially kick off the partnership and onboard hundreds of competitive fastpitch and baseball players at the end of summer.

For more information, contact Adam Halpern at

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